Hard Copy

Hard Copy | Copy Paper 70gsm / Substance 20 Short

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Brand Name: Hard Copy

Product Name: Hard Copy Bond Paper

Available GSM: 70 GSM

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Available colors: Ultra White

Description: Hard Copy Bond Papers are the best ones when it comes to printing, as its advanced “Ink Lock System” ensures that printed texts stay crisp and photos maintain vividness at a maximum contrast to its Ultra White surface that consumes less toner. Each paper are made extra thick and opaque, preventing prints from bleeding through and gives accurate color and image results, free from waviness. Print with ease as these papers guarantees 99.99% jam-free making you work faster maximizing your productivity, giving you an overall, excellent printing quality!

Application: Compatible with most printers, use this as you would, placing it properly as directed. Possible Output/ Product: This is best for printing personal documents and reports, both for school and office use.



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